New England Wedding Reception Menu Ideas

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IMG_7870Love is in the air at your New England wedding. From the coastal regions to lush forests, the New England region is comprised of six states: Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire and Vermont. Featuring a rich history and foods that proffer a permanent place in American cuisine, a New England menu will delight your guests. Draw upon inspiration for your wedding reception menu by incorporating traditional New England foods. Read on about New England wedding reception menu ideas.

Soups and Stews

Start your wedding menu with a classic New England savory soup or stew course. The most famous of all New England soups is clam chowder a cream-based concoction consisting of clams, broth and diced potatoes. Many variations of clam chowder exist in New England; choose the recipe you like best. Serve a delicious ham and potato soup infused with fresh herbs and local seasonings. For winter weddings, consider adding a hardy simmering beef stew to warm the appetite of your guests.

Main Course

Selecting a main course is easy in New England with so many great choices to choose especially when it comes to seafood. The most popular may be Maine lobster, considered a delicacy around the world. Lobster is commonly served boiled or baked. Fish makes a great main course; New England varieties include cod, Atlantic salmon and sole. For a casual beach wedding, host a clambake or serve lobster rolls. Enjoy crab, shrimp, oysters and scallops as well.

Seasonal Fruits and Berries

Enhance your wedding reception menu with the addition of fresh seasonal fruits and berries. The growing season is shorter in New England than other areas but the harvest is sweet. Share the bounty of New England including apples, pears, cherries and peaches. Popular berries include the eponymous cranberry, great as a sauce or relish. Blueberries are delicious freshly picked or baked in a pie.

Comfort Foods

Make your wedding guests feel comfortable by serving New England-style comfort foods. Treat your guests to Boston baked beans slowly simmered in a sauce of composed of bacon, molasses and herbs. If you are having a morning wedding, consider a breakfast menu and include pancakes with real Vermont maple syrup. Complement your wedding cake with a New England comfort food favorite, ice cream. Unique flavors include old-fashioned brown sugar, black raspberry and cranberry sherbet.


Celebrate your wedding by serving libations brewed in New England. Popular craft breweries include Sam Adams, Harpoon Brewery and Cambridge Brewery Company. Create a signature cocktail that use a splash of cranberry juice

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