Traditional Irish Weddings in Boston

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irsherq23111Honor the heritage of Ireland with a traditional Irish wedding in Boston. Ireland, an island located in the North Atlantic offers a cultural legacy including dance, music, literary, culinary and history. Founded in 1630, Boston attracted many Irish settlers during the 18th century. Today Boston is a thriving metropolitan area and home to the Celtics, Red Sox, and chowder. Read on to learn about traditional Irish weddings in Boston.

Going Green

The color green has long been associated with the Emerald Isle, the poetic nickname for Ireland. Choose the color green or add subtle touches of green throughout your wedding decorations from the ceremony to the reception. Great green color combinations for your wedding include mint and peach, celadon and brown, light green and pastel purple, pink and green, gray-green and earth tones, shamrock green and navy and holiday green and red.

Music and Dance

Fill the air with love and the lilting musical sounds of Ireland. Traditional instruments used to play Irish music include fiddle, tin whistle, flute, harp, bagpipes, guitar, accordion and bodhran, a type of Irish frame drum. Irish singers perform accompanied or sing solo in English or sean-nos style featuring the ancient indigenous language of Gaelic. Popular songs for weddings include “Eamonn an Chnoic”, “Ar Eirinn Ni Neosfainn Ce Hi”, “The Irish Wedding Song” and “Beautiful Day” by U2. Irish dances are known for regalia costumes and dance steps featuring rapid leg and foot movements with a controlled upper torso. Irish dance styles include step dancing, circle dances, reels and jigs.

Shamrocks and Flowers

Walk down the aisle carrying a bouquet of wildflowers, a charming Irish tradition. Wear your hair in braids and adorn your locks with a floral wreath. Shamrocks are considered good luck and make great accents at your wedding from groomsmen boutonnieres to centerpiece floral arrangements; consider using silk versions as live shamrocks sprigs are quite delicate and prone to wilt. Traditional Irish flowers include Bells of Ireland, lavender and myrtle. Native flowers and plants of the Boston area include merrybells, maidenhair fern and woodland iris.

Fun Irish Wedding Traditions

Enjoy the many wedding traditions handed down over generations at your Boston Irish wedding. Let the bells ring, provide your guests hand bells to shake and chime as you and your beloved make your ceremony exit. Display a horseshoe upright to ensure your luck never runs out. Place one over a reception door, blend into tabletop centerpieces or sew a miniature one onto the underside of your wedding gown hem. For Irish-inspired bridesmaid’s gifts consider small horseshoe necklaces or Claddagh rings depicting two hands holding a heart.

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