Getting Fit for Your Wedding Day Motivation Tips

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crowded-gymMany couples preparing for their wedding make it a goal to lose weight or tone up before the big event. The aim is to be a healthier you on one of the most memorable days of your life. As with any fitness program, sometimes it can be a challenge to stay on track and motivated. Read on to learn motivation tips for getting fit for your wedding day.

Accountability Partner

 Get assistance with staying motivated on your fitness program with a workout buddy, a partner who supports you as you both work to achieve your wedding day fitness goals. The intention is to increase overall consistency and accountability. This person can be your fiancé or someone from your wedding party. It’s more fun with two.

Activity Trackers

 High-tech activity devices make great aids for reaching your wedding day fitness goals. Activity trackers are small physical devices worn on various parts of the body such as shoelaces or wrist. They act as a sort of virtual workout friend by offering features such as built-in pedometers, calorie counters, heart rate monitors or sleep accelerometers.

Reward System

Set up a system of rewards to help stay motivated as you reach certain milestones on your road to wedding day fitness. The aim is to reinforce your healthy choices. Reward ideas include manicures, massages, shopping spree or spa day.


Track your food and water intake by journaling, a great motivation tool. Writing down what and how much you eat and drink can be very helpful by providing a document of your food consumption habits and portion size. All you need is a notebook and pen, apps are available as well.

Motivation Board

 Create a motivation board, a fun and inspiring wedding fitness activity. The purpose is to help you visualize your goals. Materials required include poster, glue, scissors and magazines. Cut out pictures from the magazines that appeal to you, then affix them to your board. Place your motivation board in a spot where you can see it every day.

Something New

 Try something new to help you stay motivated. This helps by providing variety and a change of pace. Charge up your workout routine with a new activity such a high-intensity-training or yoga. Buy a new pair of fitness kicks, invest in a specific-for-workout wardrobe or update your playlist with new tunes.

 Fitness Apps

Boost your wedding day motivations with a fitness app, a must for smart-phone lovers. Choose one that is simple and easy to use but can also be personally customized. Fun features may include supportive auto-text messages, day-by-day diaries or GPS tracking.

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