Wedding Toast Etiquette

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81647318Toasting at a wedding is a great honor and responsibility as your words are the ones that will inspire and guide guests to uplift their glasses in praise of the couple getting married. For thousands of years, wedding toasts have been a tradition for many cultures around the world. Toasting usually takes place at the reception and rehearsal dinner. The purpose of a wedding toast is to wish the new couple good luck and express your joy, love and support. Follow the simple rules of toasting etiquette to make your toast memorable and a true celebratory experience. Read on to learn more about wedding toast etiquette.

When to Toast

Wedding toasts generally take place at the reception after the ceremony. Typically, the best timing for the toast occurs when everyone is gathered in one setting such as during dinner or cutting of the cake. Many wedding receptions designate a special person to make the announcement of when it is time to toast such as an emcee, bandleader or DJ.

Order of Toasts

Choose to go traditional or non-traditional when selecting the order of people to toast. The traditional method of toasting begins with father-of-the-bride, then the groom and lastly the best man. Another traditional way balances genders with the best man starting with a toast to the groom then the maid-of-honor toasts the bride followed by the father-of-the-groom toasting the bride and the father-of-the-bride toasting the groom concluded with a toast each by the bride and groom. A non-traditional style of toast might feature an open mic. Mix and match to suit your needs and style.

How to Toast

Before toasting, ensure everyone’s glasses are filled with liquids, the traditional drink is champagne. If you do not drink, consider filling your glass with a non-alcoholic beverage such as water. A filled glass is a symbol for wishing the couple a full life.

Stand up when giving a toast, encourage guests to rise as well. At less formal events guests may remain seated. Keep your toast brief and sincere. After you give your speech raise your glass and take a sip. It is not mandatory to clink glasses especially in large groups. If you choose to clink, do so with care as not to break the glass.

Toast Writing Tips

When writing your toast, speak from the heart. Make an outline of your speech using index cards. Toast basics include introducing yourself, offering thanks, sharing an anecdote, giving a compliment and ending on a positive note. Search for ideas on the internet or ask friends and family for suggestions.

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