Wedding Gown Fabrics

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Portrait of bride and bridesmaid.Shine with joy as you walk down the aisle in your wedding dress. Selecting your perfect wedding day attire involves many decisions, all based on personal preferences. Once you have a general idea of the cut, color and style that you would like for your wedding dress then the choice of fabric comes into play. The importance of fabric is very significant and contributes to the overall look, feel and movement of your gown. Read on for look at a few wedding gown fabrics.


Once upon a time a symbol of wealth and status, chiffon dates back to seventeenth century Europe. Chiffon is a lightweight, soft and sheer fabric featuring a plain weave with an opulent appearance. The fabric flows and drapes well and can be layered atop other occasion fabrics creating an illusion of fullness and depth.


Created long ago during the Middle Ages, satin is a luxurious fabric with a shimmery glossy surface and matte back. Originally constructed of expensive silk fibers, satin now comes in a range of affordable fabric blends. Types of satin include charmeuse, duchesse, baronette, double-faced, faconne, gattar and messaline. The formal appearance of satin makes this a popular choice for wedding gowns.


Invented in France during the 1700s, tulle is a fine net-like mesh material, popularized by tutus of the ballet. This illustrious fabric provides a lightweight romantic airy feel. Tulle adds depth and lyrical volume to ballerina-inspired wedding gowns and is also used for veils.


Around for thousands of years, silk is an ancient fabric of Chinese ancestry that is a timeless choice for wedding gowns. Characterized by a prism-like shimmer appearance, silk is soft to the touch and lightweight. Silk flatters many body types and can be beautifully layered with other fabrics to lend uniqueness.


Originally made of silk, taffeta may consist of yarn-dyed or piece-dyed silk threads or a modern blend of synthetic textiles threads. Distinguished by its fine weave and crisp appearance, taffeta is also known for rustling sounds as it brushes against fabric and feminine form of appearance.


Reminiscent of romance and love is perhaps the most delicate of all wedding fabrics, lace. Lace is a type of fabric constructed from threads made from a variety of textiles such as cotton or silk. The threads are interwoven to create decorative open patterns including florals or geometric designs. Types of bridal lace include Chantilly, Duchesse, Alencon, Ribbon, Spanish, Guipure and Venetian.

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