About Wedding Dress Details and Embellishments

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belgian-lace-1433726-mSelecting your wedding dress involves many decisions such as choosing a silhouette, length, fabric, bodice, sleeve and neckline. Another detail to attend to is deciding if you want embellishments or not. Embellishments are small decorative details meant to enhance the beauty of your gown in the form of flourishes or trimming. They come in a wide variety of options and may be used sparingly or in abundance depending on your personal style and tastes. Read on to learn more about wedding dress details and embellishments.


One of the most popular wedding gown embellishments is lace, a fine delicate decorative fabric known for romance and femininity. Popular types of bridal lace trim include scalloped edges, floral designs and metallic threads.


Beads are small objects, usually rounded and perforated for threading; general uses include jewelry and decoration. Bead materials comprise natural gemstones, metals, glass, wood and plastics.

Crystals and Sequins

Crystals and sequins are a type of embellishment in a class all by themselves. They add instant sparkle, glitz and glamor to your bridal gown due to their inherent light reflective properties. Sequins are tiny, flat and round discs, known for shininess. Crystals come in many sizes and may be man made or natural, the most popular is Swarovski.


Appliques are a type of ornamental needlework that is affixed to your bridal gown; they may be large or small and applied by hand sewn or ironed onto fabric. Bridal versions often feature floral inspirations and pearl or jeweled accents.


Ribbons and Bows

Ribbons are long narrow strips of fabric composed of materials such as satin, silk or polyester. Bows are decorative knots made of ribbon featuring at least two large loops and sometimes loose ends.


Add a feeling of light and airiness to your wedding dress with feather embellishments. Common types of bridal gown feathers include peacock, marabou, ostrich, and pheasant. Feathers may be applied by sewing or with glue.

Silk Flowers

Decorate your bridal gown with silk flowers, great for many wedding styles from vintage to modern. Silk flower embellishments come in many shapes and colors and may resemble small roses, daisies, peonies or violets.

Button and Ornamentsbride-223995-m

Adorn your wedding gown with beautiful buttons or decorative ornaments. Buttons may be fabric covered, pearly, jeweled or plain. Ornamental buttons feature custom forms in an assortment of styles from simple to lavish and may resemble anything from snowflakes to hearts.

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