Unique Alternatives to Traditional Wedding Rings

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682191_38877256Some couples dance to the beat of a different drummer when it comes to wedding traditions. Thinking outside the box for an alternative to the traditional wedding ring is one way to express offbeat love. The wedding ring is a marriage symbol of love and commitment but is not the only symbol. Couples taking the road less traveled want the representation of love and a show of uniqueness that best reflects a blend of outside-the-box thinking, lifestyle and personality. Read on to learn more about unique alternatives to traditional wedding rings.

Why Choose an Alternative?

The reasons for choosing an alternative to the traditional wedding band are many. For some, wearing a wedding ring may interfere with their job, especially an occupation that requires working with hands or individuals who experience skin sensitivity to metals might be interested in an alternative as well.

Fingerprint Wedding Band

Customizing the traditional wedding band with a distinctive design is a great idea for couples who want something different. Each human fingerprint is unique to each person; imprint yours on your wedding bands for a one-of-a-kind ring.

Tattoo Wedding Ring

You will never lose your wedding ring with a tattooed wedding band. One of the most popular alternatives to the wedding band, simply select a style for your left-hand ring finger and make an appointment at your local tattoo parlor.

Wedding Date Tattoo

Ink an expressive symbol of your love in the form of matching tattoos for each other. Choose your wedding date or something that illustrates special meaning for the two of you.


Wear your ring around your neck either on a chain or a cord. This is a great option for people unable to wear a traditional band due to physical or medical-related reasons.

Hand Ring Bracelet

Be different by wearing a hand ring bracelet, also known as hand chain bracelet. This uncommon piece of jewelry wraps around your ring finger then extends with a chain to surrounds the wrist.

Heartfelt Memories

Keep in your heart the bond of marriage you both share together. Wearing jewelry is not for everyone, love, commitment and treasured memories are enough for some.

Waveform Bands

Etch the sounds of you and your fiancé as you utter “I do” onto your wedding bands with waveforms, a type of pictorial graphic representations of sound.

Wedding Ring Body Piercing

Wear your wedding ring on a unique part of your physique with a body piercing, a form of body modification. Types of wedding ring alternatives include nose rings, earrings, navel, lip or tongue piercings.

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