About Stress and Wedding Planning

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Getting married is a very exciting time in your life and sometimes stressful at the same time. The planning period for your wedding may especially be prone to stress, a temporary condition caused by a number of factors related to overwhelming emotional, mental or physical strain. This is often associated with the multitude of tasks, decisions, deadlines and demands needing to be met in a short period of time as you plan your wedding. Not everyone planning a wedding experiences stress. If stress strikes, you can make beneficial choices to manage your pre-wedding stress in a healthy and proactive manner resulting in a positive outcome. Read on to learn more about stress and planning your wedding.

Signs of Stress

Knowing you may be stressed creates awareness and the good news is it also shows you are in touch with your emotions. Signs of stress may include emotional symptoms such as moodiness or irritability, anguish such as constant worrying or being overly negative and physical indicators such as restless sleep or general aches and pains. Bear in mind that stress symptoms may be associated with a variety of ailments. Obtain an evaluation by a medical professional to determine if your symptoms are stress-related.

Sources of Pre-Wedding Stress

Planning your wedding is considered a happy time, you get to marry the one your love. High expectations are one source of stress, especially for perfectionists. Life event factors that may contribute to pre-wedding stress may include job loss, illness, death of a family member friend or pet travel, work tensions, overtime hours and moving. Some stress factors are within your control and others are not, recognizing the difference is the first step to understanding.

Tips for Reducing Stress

Say “I do” to lessening stress in your life and taking steps to improving your lifestyle. Ways to reduce stress include getting an adequate amount of rest, engaging in daily exercise and eating a healthy diet.41835439

Ways to Managing Stress

Organizing and planning your wedding requires good management skills. Take the time to manage your stress as well as your wedding. Things to do include keeping in touch with your network of friends, communicating with your fiancé and maintaining perspective and setting aside time for pleasurable and fun activities. Learn to relax or meditate. Go easy on yourself; avoid making too many changes at once.

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Center for Disease Control and Prevention: Managing Stress


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