Does the Wedding Shoe Fit?

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10060899Celebrate your wedding in comfort knowing your shoes are a perfect match of stylish and comfortable. On your wedding day, expect to be on your feet for many hours from ceremony to reception. For this reason it helps to wear shoes that are comfortable and fit well. Ill-fitting shoes may cause discomfort and hinder movement for the bride, groom or wedding party and in some cases cause pain. Avoid foot irritation by selecting comfy shoes. Read on to learn more about getting the right fit for your wedding shoes.

Tips for Measuring

Discover your foot measurements before trying on or buying shoes. Materials you will need before measuring include two pieces of plain paper, tape, pencil and measuring tape or ruler. Place the sheet of paper on the ground and tape to floor. If you plan on wearing socks or stockings on your wedding day, put those on before measuring. Stand up and place one foot in the center of the paper then trace the shape of your foot using your pencil. Stand when measuring and not sitting to ensure more accurate results. Use your measuring tape or ruler to measure from the center-bottom of the heel to the tip of the longest toe. Repeat this process on the other foot. Take your measurements and compare to a shoe sizing chart, these are easily found on the internet.

Style Vs Comfort

Know your options before selecting your wedding shoes. It is possible to have the best of both worlds when it comes to style and comfort. Styles of wedding shoes include pumps, sandals, flats, platforms and sling-backs. Lower heeled shoes tend to be more comfortable than higher heeled shoes. The exception belongs to those persons who have considerable experience wearing elevated heels of three inches or more. If you normally wear flip flops, but choose skyscraper stilettos for your wedding day expect a very steep curve of learning how-to-walk-in-them without falling. The best rule of thumb is to choose shoes of a heel height that you normally wear.

Breaking in a New Pair of Wedding Shoes82416860

Spend some time breaking in your new shoes before your wedding day, say at least a month. Ways to do this include wearing them around the house for a few minutes every day to wearing them to your dance classes as your practice your wedding dance with your partner. Avoid wearing your wedding shoes outdoors to decrease the chance of staining or soiling them. Gradually breaking in your shoes allows for them to conform to your foot shape. The breaking-in period also helps to identify potential problems such as heel slips or chafing.

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