What’s the Worst That Could Happen?

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Getting married is exciting and exhilarating. It is easy to imagine your wedding day as perfect. This month we look at different types of wedding disasters. Worrying about what may or may not happen on your wedding day detracts from your joy. The key is to stay realistic and identify and address fears and concerns in a proactive and positive manner. Sometimes it is easy to let the small stuff go yet certain things remain outside your control such as weather disasters. Read on to learn weather safety for your wedding day.


Tornado’s are large columns of air that rotate fiercely and are sometimes called twisters or cyclones. They may occur anytime of the year. If you are getting married in an area prone to tornado’s, learn when the most occurrences happen. Prepare in advance by staying informed about the weather predicted for your wedding day and selecting a venue that offers an underground shelter that may protect you and your guests.

For more information on tornado preparedness: click here American Red Cross Tornado Safety.


Forming over water, hurricanes are large storm systems that may move inward towards the coast and make landfall. Hurricanes, also known as tropical cyclones are designated into three types: tropical depression, tropical storm and hurricane. They are often accompanied by heavy rain, high winds and flooding. If planning a wedding near the coastline or on a tropical island, be informed and check when hurricane season occurs.

For more information on hurricanes and readiness: Fema.gov: Hurricane – Be Smart.

IMG_0489Winter Storms

Snow, freezing rain, icing, sleet and strong winds may accompany winter storms making weather conditions hazardous. If getting married during winter, check the local weather outlook for sever weather advisories such as blizzards or winter storm warnings. Winterize your wedding getaway vehicle and ensure it has a full tank of gas.

Be prepared and remain safe, for more information: Red Cross Winter Storm Preparedness

Heat Waves

Stay cool during a heat wave, when outside temperatures are warmer than usual and sometimes combined with excessive humidity. Summer weddings are at the most risk for extremely hot temperatures. Stay hydrated; consider offering your wedding guests bottles of water.

For more information: Red Cross Heat Wave Safety

Tip: Check the weather history of your desired venue before choosing a ceremony location. Consulting historical weather data provides insight to what the weather may be like on your wedding day based on previous years’ information.

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Additional Resources

American Red Cross


National Weather Service




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