Wedding Colors and Meaning

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Selecting your wedding colors is one of the first tasks when planning your wedding. In the course of history, the use of color has represented a variety of different interpretations and significances. Colors often evoke moods and influences emotion with associated meanings and symbolism through the variance of hues and shades. If you have already chosen your wedding colors, it may be interesting to find out about the meaning of your colors and if you are still searching for your wedding colors, learning about the meanings might prove helpful in your search. Read on to learn more about color and meaning.11149619_894902860598772_9094603071511034503_o


Red is the color of passion, energy, courage and spontaneity. In its softer form of pink, the color symbolizes love, femininity and intimacy. In China, red is the color of good luck and Indian cultures cherish red as a symbol for purity.


Peace and tranquility are qualities associated with blue. The color blue in all its assorted hues and shades is the color of trust, loyalty, calm and honesty. Eastern cultures associate blue with immortality.




Happiness is the hallmark of yellow; it is the epitome of cheerfulness, optimism and enthusiasm. The metallic form of yellow is gold, representing success, abundance and wealth. Many western beliefs link gold as a symbol of richness, wisdom, knowledge and royalty.


Uplifting and creative describe orange, as a combination of yellow and red it displays attributes of both colors. Orange is intuitive, adventurous and warm-hearted. In eastern tradition orange is regarded as sacred, imperial and a symbol of honor.


Thriving with life best describes the color green. The botanical version of green serves as a symbol of growth and renewal. Positive attributes of green include hope, balance, harmony, compassion, nurturing and restoration. Green is considered a lucky color and popular for shamrocks on St. Patrick’s Day.


Meanings associated with purple include spiritual, imaginative, selfless, inspirational and humanitarian. In Europe, the color purple has long been associated as the color of nobility and royalty.


Innocence and purity are two attributes of white. The color white represents unity, fairness, protection, encouragement, comfort, cleansing, and new beginnings. White doves are considered a symbol of peace.



For weddings, the color black is often combined with another color for the purpose of enhancement. Meanings for black include formal, sophisticated and dignified.


Brown is considered down-to-earth, stable and wholesome. Other meanings for brown include practical, loving, kind and dependable. Ivory, a softer version of brown denotes elegance and style.

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