Ideas for Double Destination Honeymoons

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teoImg99kd4Many times engaged couples agree on all aspects, decisions and details for planning their wedding but when it comes to the honeymoon they cannot seem to see eye to eye on a single destination. One partner may want an adventurous honeymoon whereas the other desires a resort. Or one may like beaches and the other mountains. Why not do both and enjoy the best of both worlds. Read on for double destination honeymoon ideas.

Why a Double Destination Honeymoon?

After your wedding enjoy your honeymoon, a time designated for relaxation, celebration, love, exploring and planning your future together. Occasionally it happens that a couple may have two weddings; one close to home and another at a faraway destination. Planning a wedding takes a lot of time and energy and planning two twice as much. Appreciate your alone time together after each wedding and go on your double honeymoon. Another reason for a double destination honeymoon may be to share your favorite places in the world with each other. You may be meant for each other but opposites when it comes to choosing a honeymoon destination. Marriage is about compromise; share each other’s world with a double destination honeymoon.

Mountains and Beaches

Adore your new life together as a married couple on your mountain and beach honeymoon. Discover beaches and mountains in near proximity to each other to create your custom destination. Mix and match destinations such as trekking in the Smoky Mountains and enjoying North Carolina beaches or basking on the shores of Catalina and hiking in Yosemite National Park.

Adventure and Laid-Back

One of you likes high adrenaline sports and the other prefers all-day spa treatments. Share the best of each other on your double destination honeymoon. Spend part of the honeymoon on a river rafting adventure then whisk away to a luxury resort for complete relaxation, pampering and luxury treatment.

East and West

East meets west on a double destination honeymoon that takes you across the world. Enjoy the society and customs of the west then hop a plane or boat to celebrate eastern culture and traditions. Honeymoon ideas include USA and Thailand or England and Japan.

Layover Honeymoon Destinations

If your honeymoon destination offers a layover in an equally exciting location, inquire if you can extend your layover for a couple of days. This provides an opportunity to explore a new place together. No matter where your honeymoon may occur, it will be great because you have each other.

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