Changed My Mind About My Wedding Dress

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fewfe6599856Weddings are all about love yet what happens if you fall out of love with your wedding dress before the ceremony? From impulse buying to change in tastes, the reasons are many for changing your mind. Depending on how long before your wedding, you do have several options to consider. Read on for tips on what to do if you changed your mind about your wedding dress.

Resell and Get Another One

Wedding dresses can represent a significant investment; recoup your costs by reselling your gown. Bear in mind, you might not get what you originally paid for it yet the funds received for reselling may be used to purchase one you like better. Places to resell a wedding gown include consignment bridal shops, resale boutiques, bridal rental stores or  an online classifieds or internet consignment store.

Alter to Fit

Perhaps your wedding dress looked great when you tried it on in the store, yet when you brought it home you begin to notice little things such as it bunches at the waist or is too tight in the bust. This is a situation where an alteration might be the solution. Contact a tailor or seamstress to adjust your wedding dress to fit your body. Once the dress is modified to fit properly, your memories of why you loved it in the first place may return.


Donate to Charity

Make another bride’s dream come true by donating your dress to charity. The original wedding gown you chose might not be the dress of your dreams however you could make someone else very happy with your act of generosity and open a window for you to find your perfect wedding dress.

Wear Multiple Dresses

Consider a new trend in weddings, wearing multiple dresses. Some bride chooses to wear two or three dresses on their big day. This options works great for those with big budgets and desire to wear two several looks for their wedding and reception.

Obliged to Wear

Sometimes it can happen for a bride to feel duty-bound to wear cultural wedding garb or afraid to break a longstanding tradition of wearing a legacy family wedding dress? Break free from old ways and forge new directions with calm and appreciation. This is your special day and the choice of what to wear is yours and yours alone. If necessary, communicate to all concerned your gratitude and avoid allowing others to pressure you into wearing a dress you do not like.

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