Restyling Vintage Wedding Dresses

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img4324cqGetting married is perhaps one of the most exciting moments of life and choosing your wedding dress is one of the many decisions you will make along your journey to the altar. Perhaps you have already found your gown, one that is a vintage legacy handed down from generation to generation belonging to your mother or grandmother or future-in-law or maybe your chosen wedding dress was a hidden gem discovered in a quaint vintage clothing shop. Either way, your dress needs to be styled to fit. For some, this will require minor adjustments, for others a long and thoughtful process. Read on for tips on restyling vintage wedding gowns.

Evaluating Wear and Tear

One of the first things you will need to do is assess the condition of your vintage dress. Look for signs of discoloration caused from stains, humidity or long term storage. Inspect the garment for fabric damage such as small holes triggered by food or drink stains or insect destruction. Examine lace, sequins or beading for discoloration and broken or missing pieces. Check the seams to see if they are intact or stretched from hanging too long in a closet.

Simple Restorations

If the dress fits, you like the style and there appears to be no major damage; then simple refurbishments will renew and restore your vintage wedding dress. Opt for professional cleaning services to restore yellowed or off-color gowns to their original white color. Replace missing buttons, ribbons, sequins, beads or zippers.

Restyling to Fit Your Body Shape

Make an appointment with a professional seamstress or tailor who specializes in wedding dresses to adjust your dress to fit your body. Common alterations include hem, sleeves and bodice.

Restructuring Neckline and Bodice

Changing the neckline or bodice on a vintage wedding dress is common way to update the style of a vintage wedding gown. Consult with your dress professional to see if your desired neckline or bodice is possible with your garment.

Complete Overhaul

Modernize the look of your vintage wedding dress with a complete renovation. Change the style and keep the original spirit of the gown. Ways to do this include shortening or lengthening the hem, removing or adding sleeves, changing the neckline and bodice and adding or removing embellishments.

Consultations and Fittings

Expect to meet with your seamstress or tailor for an initial consultation followed by several fittings. Quotes are best given when the professional can examine your garment for an estimate and prices will vary depending on location and experience.

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