Wearing a Hat to a Wedding

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Hats serve many utilitarian purposes such as keeping the head warm, providing shade or offering protection. However, hats worn to a wedding are considered more decorative than of practical use. Hats fall in and out of favor with fashion trends, yet when it comes to weddings, hats always have a place to shine. Certain unwritten rules of etiquette pertain to different situations when wearing a hat to a wedding. Read on for more information about hat etiquette for weddings.

Who Wears a Hat to a Wedding?

From the bride to the officiant, anyone is eligible to wear a hat to a wedding. Hats are popular with men and women, especially the mothers of the marrying couple. In England, the British have elevated wearing hats to weddings to an almost artistic level.

Choosing a Hat Style

Select a style of hat that coordinates with your wedding attire and fits your personal style. Hat styles for women include derby, pillbox, skimmer, beret, bowler, cloche, fedora, Bretton, floppy sunbonnets, beanie, bucket, cowboy and Gainsborough. Styles for men include fedora, top hat, cowboy, ball cap, beanie, knit, Greek fisherman, straw, panama, safari, ivy cap, porkpie and aviator.

What are Fascinators?

Popular wedding headpieces for women include the fascinator, a formal style of millinery. Fascinators are decorative headwear considered an alternative to hats and worn on the head often attached with hair combs, clips or a headband.

Is Bigger Better?

When choosing a hat to wear to a wedding, bigger is not always better. Generally, the rule of thumb for hats is the time of day affects the choice, the more the day progresses, the smaller the hat size. Large brimmed hats for early morning or evening weddings are considered unnecessary as the sun is not out.

Wedding Hat Traditions

Some wedding hat traditions are classic whereas others are clearly outmoded. One such tradition is to not wear a hat larger than the mother-of-the-bride, as it is considered rude to out-do the host. Exceptions include if the couple or both sets of parents are hosting the wedding. Tradition dictates that women decorate their hats on the right and males to the left side. Men are required to remove their hats when indoors; women are exempt as their hats are considered fashion accessories.

When Can I Take My Hat Off?

Tradition decrees female hats may be taken off only after the mother-of-the-bride removes her hat, until then everyone must wait. However, all rules are made to be broken and a hat may be removed at any time due to personal or health reasons.

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