New Centerpiece Ideas

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blog picEvery detail of your wedding, no matter how small, adds to the beauty of the moment by helping form memories that last for a lifetime. Create wedding reception centerpieces that your guests will always remember by using a little ingenuity and imagination. By employing traditional materials in unexpected ways, you set the pace for an extraordinary wedding reception table centerpiece suitable for all budgets. Read on for a look at some of the newest ideas for wedding reception centerpieces.

Clear Glass Cylinders

Simple and attractive, tall clear glass cylinders offer endless possibilities as wedding reception table centerpieces. It is not only the cylinders that are beautiful but what goes inside them that help make this an extra special centerpiece idea. Fill the inside of your glass cylinders with a variety of decorative items including single orchids immersed in colored water, floral arrangements, pebbles, seashells, glitter, candy, grains, beans, marbles, sand  pine cones or candles. If desired, you may insert floral bouquets, be sure the stems are covered by your immersed items. For an additional effect, use several cylinders of different sizes grouped together.

Hanging Mobiles

Catch everyone’s eye with wedding reception centerpieces hovering above each table. Invert a dozen long stem roses above each table by using clear fishing line giving the appearance of floating in air. Hang mobiles above each table featuring romantic elements such as doves, butterflies, snowflakes, origami cranes, hearts, photos, holiday ornaments, glittery stars, clouds or angels. Hanging mobiles make a great do-it-yourself project for couples who desire low budget and big wow factor.

Upside-Down Wine Glasses

Wine-lovers will love this wedding reception centerpiece idea, upside-down wine glasses.  Select wine glassware that features a large capacity such as red wine glasses. Place decorative items inside and under the bowl of the inverted glass. Things to consider include real or silk voluminous flowers such as peonies or romantic full bloom roses, although any flower you like may be used. Other great ideas include holiday ornaments, pine cones, miniature pumpkins, small gourds or rose petals. Top each wine glass with a candle; types of candles to consider include tea lights or votives. Determine in advance if you prefer scented or unscented. Tie a bow around the stem or decorate the bowl of the wine glass with an ombre glitter effect.

Floating Elegance

Floating wedding reception centerpieces are very elegant and eye-catching. There are three types of floating wedding reception containers including bowls, square vessels and vases. Fill each with water and add your desired tabletop elements such as floating shape candles, flowers, rose petals, glitter, and cranberries for bobbing on the surface. Another method is to completely submerge your creative elements underwater. Use items such as seashells, flowers or clear glass pebbles. For an added effect, place your floating centerpiece atop a reflective mirror surrounded by tea lights.

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