Savory Wedding Cake Ideas

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Make your wedding cake as unique as you are with a savory wedding cake. Not everyone has a fondness for sweets; it is ok to forgo the piled-high sugary-sweet tiers of buttercream layer cake and serve a type of cake that is more compatible with your personal tastes and style. The reasons for choosing a savory wedding cake are many from health reasons to a simple non-preference of baked sweet goods. No matter the motive, this is your wedding day created your way and includes the choice of cake. Read on for savory wedding cakes ideas.


Display a tower of delectable sushi at your reception in lieu of a wedding cake. Originally from Japan, sushi is well-regarded all around the world as a bite-sized and filled rice dish. Create tiers of fresh food sushi with combinations of traditional ingredients such as rice, fish, cucumber, ginger, nori, clams, scallops, tofu, asparagus, scallions and carrots

Cheese Wheels

Cheese wheel wedding cakes make a delicious alternative to the traditional sweet wedding cake. For do-it-yourself cakes, stack your cheese wheels with the largest on the bottom culminating with the smallest wheel on top. Decorate with a traditional wedding topper and add fruits, nuts or flowers as ornamentation. Serve cheese wheel wedding cakes at room temperature; this makes them easier to slice and enhances flavor. Cheese wheels come in almost every kind of cheese, offer an assortment of soft and hard and mild and sharp. Serve with wine, breads, fruits, nuts and crackers.

Gourmet Breads

Break bread with your new spouse during your wedding reception. Freshly-baked bread makes a great alternative to the classic wedding cake and has long been a traditional part of weddings across many cultures including Italy, Mexico, Greece, Russia and Mexico. Choose your favorite flavors such as artisan specialties, asiago, Focaccia, cheese, whole grain, ciabatta, rye, herb, olive loaf, sourdough, French, jalapeno and challah. Serve with a variety of butters, meats, vegetables and cheeses.


Your wedding day is all about love; why not share your passion for pizza at your special celebration? Surprisingly, pizza is not an uncommon choice for an alternative wedding cake. Easy pizza wedding cake instructions: order six pizzas of the same size and stack them atop each other to create a tower of pies. For taller towers, stack six-layer stacks of pizzas starting with large size for the base to smaller size at the top. Popular pizzas toppings include cheese, pepperoni, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, olives and Canadian bacon.

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